Study In Canada

Adventure in Canada awaits you! One of the greatest things about studying in Canada is that you can experience a climate, culture, great lifestyle with an excellent education system that is beyond comparison. Decide to concentrate in Canada, and you’ll have the occasion to experience incomprehensibly extraordinary social and normal encounters from the ski inclines to the grassland regions, with urban communities, for example, Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Quebec broadly agreeable, lenient and multicultural.

Canada’s economy is a highly developed market economy. It is the 10th largest in nominal terms and the 16th largest GDP in the world through PPP. Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding quality of education from elementary school to post-secondary studies.

Features of Canadian Education

      • An internationally recognized education system
      • Tuition fees are relatively low among English-speaking countries.
      • Many international students who graduate from a program in Canada are often eligible for a postgraduate work permit.
      • Former international students with a Canadian education and skilled work experience in Canada are well positioned for success in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program.
      • Student Direct Stream, launched in 2018 as a study permit option which is being processed in fastest way.
      • There is a merge of different cultures which gives you the opportunity to explore as much as you can.
      • You are also given different scholarships based on your performance in the curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

Canadian Student Visa Requirements and Process

The application for the visa can be done online or manually. In the case of applying on paper, you would need to go to a visa application center in your country, Pakistan, in order to submit all your documents. At the visa application center, you would also need to give biometrics; this applies to both online and manual applications. Biometrics refers to an additional identification meant for security purposes. This could include fingerprints or pictures. After your application has been reviewed, you might be called for a visa interview.

For students from Pakistan looking to study in Canada, it is necessary to get a Study Permit, a visa designed specifically for the purpose. Applying for a visa can be a tricky process and could take time, but with a step by step guide, it can be made simpler. Given below is a detailed procedure for getting it done.

The first and foremost requirement when applying for the study visa is providing that you are capable of supporting yourself economically through the program. In Canada, you need to prove that you can pay 833 CAD/month if you wish to study in any province other than Quebec, and 917 CAD/month for studying in Quebec. This can be from your current bank account or an external source.